In Home Respite

For carers

The Dementia Respite service is available to the carers of people with dementia who exhibit challenging behaviour.  Priority is given to carers living in remote locations and to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Carers are allocated an amount of respite which they can choose to use in whichever format suits their needs.  They also have the option of 'banking hours' to plan for special occasions.

A support worker stays with the care recipient so the carer can go out (shopping, social activity, etc).  Alternately the support worker may take the care recipient out and leave the carer at home to have a break.

An example of the Parkside’s Dementia Respite Program.

(Mr Johnson is a factitious character and does not represent an individual supported by The Parkside Foundation.)

Mr Johnson is the primary carer for his mother, who has dementia.  Mr Johnson has been allocated six hours per week of flexible respite time, which he accesses at times of his choosing.  Mr Johnson generally uses his respite time for social outings and events and for playing golf on weekends with his work colleagues.  During this time, a support worker from Parkside will support his mother and provide assistance with household or day-to-day activities.

  • Mr Johnson generally uses one of his six hours on Tuesday evenings to attend his daughter's basketball matches.  During this time the support worker assists his mother with meal preparation and washing up.
  • Mr Johnson allocates a further two hours on for leisure on Wednesday afternoon while the support worker assists his mother with her grocery shopping. 
  • Mr Johnson uses his remaining three hours on an 'as needs' basis, generally using the time for leisure activities, while the support worker assists his mother with household duties such as cleaning.

Although this is generally how Mr Johnson uses his respite hours, the time is felxible and there is a capacity within the program to provide overnight support.


Fees may vary depending on income level and will be discussed at assessment.