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Posted Friday, 14 November 2014, 03:00 PM

2015 brings a new opportunity to our extended community, acknowledging and building awareness of people with a disability. STAR and Parkside Foundation will be inviting schools, universities and college students, sporting groups, local businesses, other agencies working within the disability sector, people with mental illness and kids at risk, to engage in this project. In fact our interest is to engage all members of our community to come forth – politicians, councils, sports identities, artists, families – to do pieces of art work together to build awareness of people with disabilities and to share their stories.

The Atom will be made like a jig saw puzzle and requires a public forum for exhibiting, a space were people can come and work on their pieces.

This art work (of 2,015 pieces) will be placed on top of a 3.5 x 4 metre atom installation.

STAR and Parkside’s sense of community spirit will bring together several artistic mediums of presentation for the general public which will include film / drama and media collaboration within this project.

Lets get connected!

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