Centre Based Weekend Respite

For carers

The Parkside Foundation has been offering quality support for people with disabilities and frail aged in Southern Tasmania for 17 years.

Parkside have been successful in obtaining HACC (Home and Community Care) funding for a new program that will be available to carers of the elderly in regions around Southern Tasmania.

Day care respite centres will be operated in diverse locations across the region, namely Cambridge, Derwent Park, Kingston, Grove, White Beach and if demand is sufficient, a centre on the East Coast.

Centres will operate between 10.00am and 4.00pm, 48 weeks 1 year at two locations each weekend. Client demand will dictate location & Saturday or Sunday operation.

A transport service will be operated for people attending who require assistance to attend.

Community events such as local markets, one-off events, exhibitions and festivals or eating at a local cafe will be supported as we recognise the importance for ageing people to stay connected to their community.

Centre based activities could include art, craft, cooking, reading, computing, gardening, woodwork. A tutor will be employed at one location each week to further enrich the program.

Participants would bring lunch and be supported to prepare it or eat out depending on the program.

This program aptly named ’Ave a Good Weekend will provide a much needed break for carers in the community to pursue their own interests or simply rest and relax.

While giving the older person an opportunity to participate in meaningful activities and socialise with peers in a safe, friendly and supported environment.

Program activities will include technology development, indoor games, bus trips, news and view, bingo, art and craft and walking.

The ’Ave a Good Weekend program will operate at Derwent Park and Grove.

Derwent Park program for April to June 2018

Grove program for April to June 2018

Derwent Park House
Derwent Park House
Grove House at Mountain River
Grove House at Mountain River

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